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Have you asked yourself lately, “Am I on the best path for the next phase of my financial journey?“

Maintaining a sound financial plan requires a focused effort and strategic decision making. As your financial planning evolves, complexities emerge, requiring you to take another look at where your financial life is headed. You may realize that the safest path for your continued journey may be different than the road you have traveled thus far.

Let the advisors of Next Phase Advisory Group help guide these strategic decisions and provide a greater confidence in your financial future.Our personalized discovery process helps to crystalize your vision and allows us to truly understand your dreams and desires, as well as your interests and priorities.

Mike Polan and Kevin Olson (Co-Founders) are devoted to simplifying our client’s financial life; providing personalized service as well as integrated and comprehensive planning.  Our planning methods provide peace of mind and confidence for a more secure future.  Clients trust our process because we have helped others down similar paths towards financial independence.  Being a trusted guide allows our clients to live the life they envisioned, while feeling secure in doing so.

The Right, Comprehensive, Financial Mix

We work with clients to develop strategies that provide the right mix of planning for you in areas such as investment services, wealth accumulation, life insurance, disability income insurance and elder care planning through the use of long-term care.

Our process begins with understanding your current financial circumstances and your vision for the future.  We then build an integrated, comprehensive financial plan that is a custom fit for you & your family.

Next Phase Advisory Group values:

  • Understanding and crystalizing goals and priorities
  • Creating an integrated, comprehensive financial plan
  • Leveraging our expertise & experience
  • Minimizing risks by using objective strategies
  • Providing proactive portfolio management
  • Building multi-generational relationships
  • Serving and assisting our clients throughout every stage of life


Leverage Our Education & Expertise

Your financial roadmap will be backed by a team leveraging education, expertise, and over 100 years of collective field experience. Your feeling of financial security is our highest initiative, and helping you understand the actions behind your plan is how that initiative is met. We encourage families to openly discuss their planning which allows knowledge to be passed down; empowering future generations.

Some of our registrations and licenses include:

We stay relevant by keeping up-to-date with industry trends, markets, information and regulations. We can help you stay current as well.

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Kevin M Olson, CLU®, B.S.
Wealth Management Advisor

Next Phase Advisory Group

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